Village Relocation - Kanha Tiger Reserve

Village relocation is regarded as one of the most important management practices in the tiger reserve to reclaim additional wildlife habitat for increasing number of ungulates and consequent support to the tiger population. As per the guidelines/ instructions issued from the National Tiger Conservation Authority, New Delhi and the State Government, the Kanha management has put in tremendous efforts in gently persuading and encouraging target villages to relocate outside the protected area and join the mainstream of progress and development. The village relocation programme had actually started in 1967-1969 when the first village, Sonf, was relocated. This programme continued under different schemes, and so far 37 forest villages have been relocated outside. The Kanha management has reclaimed good chunks of around 80.52 sq. km. of flat land.  The Kanha management has turned these reclaimed lands into excellent wildlife habitats attracting a number of wild animal species. Presently, there is no forest village in the core zone.