Do(s) and Don't(s) - Kanha Tiger Reserve

Abide by the Park rules. Non-obedience can lead to legal action.
Don't enter the Park with fire arms/explosives. 
Obtain a Valid Permit before entering the Park
Don't carry cigarette or match box.
Don’t ask the Driver to drive the vehicle fast Recommended speed inside the park - 20 km/h.
Don’t smoke or lit fire, it can cause forest fire.
It is compulsory to take official guide with every vehicle.
Don't carry or play transistor or tape recorder or any other musical gadget.
Always obey the Guide. It is for your own safety.
Don't blow horn. 
Animals have the right of the way. Wait if they are crossing the road.
Don't litter with cans, bottles, plastic bags or any garbage inside the park. Dispose off any garbage once you come out.
Always carry drinking water with you.
Don't get down, unless told by the guide.
Wait for your turn if embarking an elephant and obey the mahout.
Don't extract/remove any kind forest property.
Maintain silence and discipline inside the park. It will enhance your experience during the visit
Don't chase or tease or feed animals. 
Inform any undesirable or suspicious activities seen during excursion to the nearest forest officer/employee.
Don't shoot with gun, shoot with camera.
Wear light-coloured clothes blended with nature during excursion.
Don’t make noises. 

Don’t apply strong smelling perfumes or deodorants. Animals are sensitive to smell. A strong fragrance may also attract bees or other insects to you.