Reserve Profile - Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha Tiger Reserve is spread over an area of 2074.31 sq. km., encompassing parts of Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Core Zone: 917.43 sq. km.

National Park: 22.57 sq. km.

Buffer Zone (Multiple Use Area): 1134.32 sq. km.

Phen WLS (Satellitic Micro Core): 110.74 sq. km.

Total Area: 2074.31 sq. km.

The geographical coordinates of the Core Zone are as under:

Latitude: 22o 02’ 52.6” to 22o 25’ 48.8”

Longitude: 80o 30’ 09.3” to 81o 02’ 48.4”

Altitude: 450 m to 900 m above MSL

Average Rainfall: 1200 ~ 1400 mm approx

Usual Temperature Range: -2oC (Winters) to 44oC (Summer)


Summer (April ~ Mid June)

Monsoon (Mid June ~ late September)

Winter (October ~ Mid February)

Core Zones for Tourism: Kanha, Kisli, Mukki and Sarhi

Buffer Zones for Tourism: Khapa, Khatia, Phen and Sijora