Stay - Kanha Tiger Reserve

Three entry points (Khatia, Mukki & Sarhi), boarding and lodging facilities of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. and private entrepreneurs also exist at these places. Apart from this, Kanha Jungle Camp of Kanha Tiger Reserve of Forest Department has facilities for stay and food near Khatia entrance.The total lodging facilities (governmental/non-governmental) amount to around 2000 beds per night.

The park has a set of rules for regulating the tourism.  Entry on foot and night driving are prohibited inside the park. Only light vehicles are allowed with a route guide.  In the 2020-21 tourist season, 150344 (150235 Indians and 109 Foreigners) tourists visited the national park, and the core zone generated Rs. 474.029 as revenue. A total of 17612 (17606 Indians and 6 Foreigners) tourists visited the buffer zone, generating Rs. 24.12 lakhs as revenue. The Kanha management provides route guides, apart from the interpretation facilities, at a reasonable charge to the tourists. Viewing ungulates amidst meadows from a vehicle and spotting tiger are star attractions for the tourists.  Some of the main tourism activities in the park are as under:

  • Guided vehicular excursions
  • Museum and interpretation programme
  • Regular wildlife film shows
  • Online booking system for jungle excursion
  • Restricted night safari in the buffer
  • Elephant bathing show in the buffer
  • Elephant joy ride in the buffer
  • Nature trails in the buffer
  • Nightly wildlife viewings from Machans (Platforms) in the buffer
  • Souvenir shop
  • Basic medical facility