Buffer Zone - Kanha Tiger Reserve

Ever since the national park was upgraded to a tiger reserve, management was ensured on the guidelines of Project Tiger, Govt. of India.  The concept of buffer zone surrounding the Kanha national park was realized by identifying the potential forest areas of different territorial divisions contiguous to existing national park. And, in 1976 the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh notified an area of around 1005 sq. km., carved out of 4 forest divisions of the undivided State of Madhya Pradesh. However, the above-conceptualized buffer zone was to remain under the respective forest divisions until 1995 when the buffer zone was constituted as a separate division under the unified control of the Kanha management. Now, after the inclusion of Undemarcated Protected Forest (UDPF) areas following settlement of dispute regarding revenue and forestlands in the Mandla district, the total area of buffer zone now amounts to 1134.32 sq. km.  The buffer area, pockmarked with villages and revenue lands, comprises around 49% forest area, and the rest is constituted by revenue land and private holdings.  It has 161 villages inhabited by around 103703 people and 62525 cattle heads.