Top Things to Do in Kanha National Park - Kanha Tiger Reserve
Top Things to Do in Kanha National Park

What is Kanha Tiger Reserve Famous For?

The Kanha Tiger Reserve is an expansive natural enclave of grasslands and forests with elevated plateau areas. Home to Royal Indian Tigers, Kanha Tiger Reserve is famous for being the first tiger reserve in India to have a mascot – Bhoorsingh the Barasingha. Apart from tigers, you can also find jackals and wild pigs around the grasslands. The plateau of Bamhnidadar is occupied by birds of prey. The tiger reserve comprises watering holes of Sondar Tank, Babathenga Tank, and the Kanha Museum.



The Kanha National Park area spans 1945 sq. km including the Maikal hills and buffer zones surrounding the same. The location extends to several adjoining villages and districts.

In 1879, the place was declared a reserve forest and in 1933, it was reassessed as a wildlife sanctuary. It was only in 1955, that Kanha was given the title of a national park. In 1973, it became a designated tiger reserve. As of today, it is considered to be one of the finest wildlife zones in the world. Presently, the national park is divided into two protected areas – Hallon, covering 250 sq. km. and Banjar, covering 300 sq. km. Together, with the Phen Sanctuary, it forms the Kanha Tiger Reserve.

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