Points of Interest - Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha Meadows: The Kanha meadows are perhaps the best place to view wildlife - favoured by the herbivores and therefore also by the predators. Many species of the herbivore such as the chital, barasingha, sambar and gaur can be seen either grazing or passing through on their way to the waterholes. And lurking in the thickets are predators like the tiger, panther and wild dog.

Sonf Meadows: The abandoned site of the first forest village to be shifted out of the Park, the place attracted a few barasingha initially and later on proved to be an excellent restoration site for the dwindling numbers of the branderi barasingha. The area today is as good as the Kanha meadows for viewing wildlife such as chital, sambar, wild boar, jackal and occasionally dhole, gaur and tiger.

Shravan Tal: This small earth bund tank in the Central Kanha meadows is mythologically related to the death of the legendary Shravan Kumar at the hands of king Dashrath. It is a very important water body in the area, which attracts a lot of wild animals.

Shravan Chita: Shravan Kumar, a dutiful son and the embodiment of total dedication to the parents, is said to have been cremated at this place, whose colour is strikingly different from its immediate surroundings and adds to the mystery of the above myth. The spot and can be seen from a distance while moving on the Bamhani dadar-Keraghat road.

Lapsi Kabar: An expert hunter and guide, Lapsi is said to have been killed at this spot in 1930. The legend has it that Lapsi was accompanying tourists in the jungle when he had a close encounter with a tiger. He fought bravely and was killed. A gravestone has been erected here as a memorial to his courage.

Babathenga Tank: Also in the Mukki Range, this water body attracts a variety of birds. It is frequented by many species of wild animals, and also carries a high probability of the tiger and panther for the tourists.

Bishanpura–Sondar–Ghorella: These old village sites have now developed into beautiful grasslands with ample water and are a popular converging point for the herbivores.

Kopedabri–Naktighati Sector: This lies between Mukki and Kisli, and provides wonderful views in the small openings of forests. The area also harbours, besides the tiger, a variety of herbivore species.