Souvenir Shop - Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha Workers Sahkari Sakh evam Kamgar Samiti Maryadit: 

One of its own kind, the Kanha Workers Sahkari Sakh evam Kamgar Samiti Maryadit, Kisli was formed under the Society Act, 1960 for the welfare of the Kanha staff.  Every serving individual of the Tiger Reserve, including daily wagers, are the members of this Society.  The members have to pay annual membership fees of the Society. As service conditions, specially in the core zone, are very difficult, and most are non-family postings at remotely located patrolling camps, the staff sometimes has to go 15–20 km. for weekly market to buy household goods.  In this way, the Society provides the remotely placed wildlife personnel with the essentials of the household at concessional prices.  The Society also gives almost interest free soft-loans to the frontline staff and daily wagers on easy installments.  Besides, scholarships for topper students have also been arranged. Moreover, the Society also caters to the needs of tourists at Khatia and Mukki entry points of the Core Zone.  It makes arrangements for breakfast, meals and basic daily needs on payment basis at both the entry points.  Through its sale counters, the Society also deals in mementos and other reminiscences of the Tiger Reserve, which include: T-shirts, caps, key rings, badges, stickers, cards, posters, the Kanha literature etc.