What Visitor Say

‘I had last visited Kanha before the Tiger Project was initiated, and was greatly impressed by the all round improvements that have taken place since. The enlargement of the park area to 940 sq km, and the translocation of 20 villages to outside the park boundaries is a significant achievement for which the management deserves much praise and compliment. The techniques employed in this accomplishment may well serve as a guide and model to other parks in the country.'

Dr. Salim Ali
Honorary Secretary, Bombay Natural History Society
28 December, 1978

I am delighted to have this brief respite in one of our best known and best kept national parks. I hope such efforts will enthuse others to take greater interest in conservation.

Indira Gandhi
Former Prime Minister of India.
17 January, 1984

We spent a wonderful Holi at Kanha, saw lots of game - all the larger species and most of the smaller ones! Will have to return to see the Dhole! The staff and others looked after us very well. The forest officers and staff have been extremely kind, and taken lot of trouble to see that we were looked after well and see as much of the game as possible. They all seem very dedicated to their work and the park. This is reflected in the well managed look and feel of the park. My best wishes and compliments.

Rajiv Gandhi.
Formar Prime minister Of India
9 March 1985

The Kanha National Park is a lovely spot in India. The woods are thick and the variety of wild animals enchanting. We had the pleasure of seeing two tigers, one in the evening and one the next morning. They are majestic animals and did not care who was visiting them. The Forest Department and officers deserve congratulations on the excellent manner in which they have maintained the park. Our stay was very pleasant and memorable. Thanks to all."

R. Venkatraman.
Formar President of india
13 November, 1987

This is my first visit to the park since 1965. The improvement is tremendous: the park has been enlarged and surrounded by a buffer zone. Most villages have been moved out of the park, the wildlife has increased as a result of excellent protection, and tourist development is confined to the park's periphery. Kanha is one of the best managed parks in Asia. The forest department and other departments concerned deserve the highest praise for their dedication in preserving this exceptionally beautiful park of India. It was a great pleasure for me to spend several days to once again meet tigers, barasingha and other wildlife.

Dr. George Schallor.
Wildlife Biologist, New York
27 March, 1991