Nature Education Programme

The renowned wildlife ecologist and former Director General of WWF International. The Kanha management has been organizing several nature camps to educate and create awareness among school students of buffer zone villages. At these 3 day-camps, students are provided with a wide range of information on the wonderful natural world, including forest, environment and wildlife. They are explained about their natural surroundings and imparted valuable information on common floral and faunal attributes. The students are also taken on jungle excursions and trekking to watch nature closely. During this programme participants are put up at earmarked camps with full boarding facilities. The Kanha staff and resource naturalists interact with them and satisfy their curiosities about nature. The entire programme was conceptualized and guided by Mr. Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Field Director and Mr. SK Khare, Assistant Director, Kanha Tiger Reserve. Some of these camps were also visited by Mr. Deepak Khandekar, Addl. Chief Secretary (Forests), Madhya Pradesh; Dr. Rajesh Gopal, Secretary General, Global Tiger Forum; and Dr. Claude Martin. They interacted with these students and exchanged notes on nature conservation.

Eco-camp under the Anubhuti Programme

Under the Anubhuti programme launched by the Madhya Pradesh Eco-Tourism Development Board, Bhopal, several eco camps are being organized in different protected areas of Madhya Pradesh to train various in-service and retired forest officers and naturalists in imparting awareness education to school/ college students.

An evening with JUNGLEWALAH
  • A special programme of interaction between Kanha officials/ eminent wildlifers and tourists
  • Arranged at Khatia, Mukki and Kisli
  • So far, 11 such lectures with 250 participants organized
  • Talks/ PowerPoint presentations/ discussions
  • Highlights: Dr. Claude Martin, Mr. Mike Prince, Ms. Vidya Venkatesh, Mr. Srinivasa Reddy, Mr. Kaushik Banerjee, Dr. Asad Rehmani, Mr. Sharad Champati and forest officers of Uttrakhand

Wildlife Week Celebration

The week is celebrated every year during the first week of October. The reserve management ensures to involve as many people/ students as possible in the celebration of this week. The students of the various schools in the tiger reserve remain the target group of wildlife week celebrations. Generally, the following activities are taken up during the week:

  • Arranging rallies/ processions of students/ people
  • Essay, drawing, quiz competitions
  • Holding of exhibitions at range headquarters
  • Wildlife film shows at villages
  • Distribution of stickers/ posters/ brochures to schools
  • Rewards to the winners of the above competitions
  • Park excursions for the winners