Green Humour

Green humour is a cerebral approach, in a lighter vein, to appreciate floral and faunal wealth and conservation efforts, to know about the local communities supporting conservation, and also to get inspired to help conserve nature by strengthening the hands of the tiger reserve management.

Kanha Tiger Reserve became the first tiger reserve in India to introduce a Mascot "Bhoorsingh the Barasingha". The mascot will showcase Barasingha as the spirit of Kanha tiger reserve which is also home to some of the finest Tigers in India. With the introduction of the new Mascot, Kanha tiger reserve hopes to create better engagement with its visitors, specially the younger generation of Millennials who are digital savvy and look for unique experience during their visit to the park. Bhoorsingh will play a vital role in educating the visitors about the unique distinction of Kanha, as this species of hard ground Barasingha is only found in Kanha tiger reserve and nowhere else. Bhoorsingh will create a new brand identity for Kanha tiger reserve and help it differentiate itself from the other national parks of India.